math championchip – alexa skill for kids

mathalexasome time back Amazon, the to be mammoth in internet space, announced Alexa. Alexa is an AI based voice assistant (comparable to Apple Siri and google now).  Although a few argue that Amazon Alexa is not a novel tech and dought its prospects, I believe, its promoters entered the market with excellent timing. On top of Amazon Alexa is very developer friendly. Just recently, Amazon came up with a promotional campaign for developers; a lucrative hackathon.

I wanted to make a very very simple skill which I can finish up in few hours. I made a simple multiplication app (code). The Alexa Skill has 3 interface utterances. We can invoke this skill 3 ways:
1. Alexa, ask Math Championship, to tell me table of {Number}
2. Alexa, ask Math Championship, to start a game (for tables from 1 to 11, randomly)
3. Alexa, ask Math Championship, to ask me table of {Number}

The most irritating part of the hackathon was to prepare a video for submission. While I improve my video making ability, all I could produce is this shitty youtube video. And with all that finally, I have this Amazon Alexa skill – Math Championship.


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